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IMAJI gives away free masks for local people due to coronavirus pandemic in Indonesia.

As the coronavirus pandemic in Indonesia is getting worse, the chance of people are getting affected by the virus is also increasing. Responding to this situation, IMAJI is giving away free masks to help people protect themselves from the virus pandemic.

In this social movement, IMAJI is cooperating with Gunungkidul photography community and Info Cegatan Gunungkidul (ICG) to giving away free masks around Gunungkidul, Indonesia. They agreed to collaborate after knowing that many local people are having trouble finding masks.

Because of the rare existence of mask, the alliance decided to order alternative tailor-made masks made from fabric. And after the masks are ready, they start off by giving away 300 pieces around Playen market, Wonosari market, and Munggi market on 2 April as the first step of the movement.

For the main target, they try to give masks to people that still have activities outdoor or work in a crowded place like a public transport driver, trader, and a parking attendant. Not only that, IMAJI and the team also give information about the coronavirus to elderly people who didn't know how dangerous the virus is. 

Shockingly, there are still many people who weren't wearing masks while doing their activities despite the current situation. "From that movement, we can see many informal workers that still didn't protect themselves with personal protective equipment," said one of the IMAJI's member, Mr Basuki. 

So, what are you waiting for? There are still many people out there who need your help right now. With your knowledge and willingness, you can help them by spreading more corona kindness. Stay safe, everyone!


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