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The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in many tourists to postpone or cancel their plan to travel for the upcoming months, as businesses and many tourist destinations have decided to temporarily shut down their business for safety. Looking back in the past weeks, popular travel destinations like Yogyakarta, and Bali have seen the numbers of tourism gone down massively as people are staying home to quarantine themselves to prevent the rapid growth of COVID-19.

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To fight against COVID-19, places of tourism have acted upon disinfecting areas of their place to ensure cleanliness when they open up for business. Travel transportation agencies have reacted to this pandemic through deep cleaning spots that we commonly come in contact with. Delta Airlines has reported to spray mists of disinfectant on the surfaces of their airplanes throughout its cabin on all trans-Pacific flights. They have also been reported to continue this procedure for trans-Atlantic flights, from areas reported to have a high increasing number of COVID-19 cases.

A popular tourist destination in Bali, The Nusa Dua, has stepped forward to combat COVID-19 through providing hand sanitizers and regularly spraying disinfectants in public areas such as toilets, ATM booths, shuttle buses, and praying rooms. They have also been ordered by Bali’s provincial administration to check the temperatures of staff, cleaning services, and visitors to ensure that they are eligible to enter without causing any endangerment to other guests. A crisis center has also been set up providing services that allows guests to be taken to the nearest hospital with routine check-ups with trusted health agencies.

Meanwhile, The Carnival Corp., have said to amp up their efforts on battling COVID-19 by increasing the temperature when deep cleaning of towels, bedding, napkins and tablecloths are washed using “electro-static applications through specialized machines.” High-touched surfaces such as handles, railings, drawer pulls, bathroom fixtures, and many other objects our hands come in contact with, will also be thoroughly sterilized.
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The Centers for Disease Control and prevention has strongly ordered “high-touch” surfaces on community facilities to be disinfected daily. When the commonly touched surfaces are being treated with the disinfectants, the chemicals will then puncture through the fatty envelope of the coronavirus and this should likely reduce the growing spread of the dangerous bacteria. Karen Hoffman, former president of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology stated, “The virus is actually sensitive to all the common cleaning and disinfecting agents out there, so that’s the good news.”

The procedures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have stated many tips on how to keep yourself hygienic during the COVID-19 pandemic. A little bit of effort goes a long way if we work together to understand the dangers of coronavirus. Yukita Travel wishes good health and safety to all fellow travelers.


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