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Facing COVID-19 Marketing: The Senior Life Team Gets Creative

The Covid-19 pandemic is disrupting the advanced care industry in unimaginable ways and is likely to do so for the foreseeable future. Despite lock-in measures and precautions taken by operators and owners across the country, high-end residential communities are still open to businesses-and sales and marketing teams are always busy, but work in very different ways than usual.
As the crisis progresses, marketing and sales teams may find themselves busier than ever in tasks that previously required face-to-face interaction. They will need to work remotely, apply technology to their marketing and sales strategies, take virtual tours, and integrate community responses to protect residents from infecting the virus with the sales process. Third-party recommendation platforms are also being adjusted for Covid-19.
Advanced care is at the forefront of the pandemic, and if people are concerned about the risk of infection in clustered settings, there are concerns that occupancy rates will decline and demand may weaken. But some industry experts believe the outbreak will show the actual value of the aged care community. Welltower CEO Tom DeRosa said in an investor speech at the Citi Global 2020 Global Real Estate CEO Conference held in Hollywood, Florida earlier this month that the industry is well-suited to respond break out. Influenza is a year-round risk, and the elderly, many of whom have respiratory problems, are at high risk. Quality providers have developed protocols to prevent or delay the spread of coronavirus just in case.
Indeed, in the next few weeks, there will be a small and steady increase in the number of people who join the Juniper Networks community, Cindy Longfellow, vice president of business development, sales and marketing, stated. The Bloomfield, NJ operator manages 20 properties in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Proactive approach
Bild & Company founder and president Traci Bild told seniors that showing a substantive response to the pandemic can enable marketing and sales teams to build a foundation of trust in potential customers and their families. If one decides to move, they will take care of the older adults. Housing News. Her company specializes in advanced lifestyle marketing.
The Covid-19 pandemic is also an opportunity to establish a pipeline of potential customers after the crisis has subsided, and these potential customers can be converted to access.
There is also a need to allow marketing teams to work remotely, which requires a trust, confidence, and review strategy to ensure that the community's information is communicated to the right audience and that the team stays in touch with referral sources and hospitals.
Also, Bild & Company's chief operating officer Jennifer Saxman said that marketing teams should already share best practices and resources and share responsibilities to keep things running smoothly.
Lacy Jungman, vice president of sales and marketing, said that Omaha, Nebraska-based Heritage Communities is "a sudden call." These calls are meant to "overcommunicate" positive safety-related steps and talk through people's emotional issues related to Covid-19.
Dealing with Covid-19 face-to-face is best because marketing activities should focus on responding to a pandemic. Bild & Company is issuing guidelines to its customers, recommending that they remain committed to the Covid-19 protocol standard and absorb the community's response to the outbreak.
Third-party referral sources are also increasing their marketing efforts. Sue Johansen, vice president of partner services, said "Mom's Place" has extended customer service hours for its consultants who already work from home. According to its Covid-19 response plan, real-time daily from large service providers Get real-time updates.
Jungman said that Heritage Communities is communicating with referral partners about how and when providers are offered admission. Potential customers who need immediate / on-demand presence will be prioritized and will assist on a case-by-case basis. The company is also actively adding negative keywords to digital campaigns, such as "Covid-19" and "Coronavirus," so that when people search for these topics, Heritage ads won't appear.
Meanwhile, Heritage keeps in touch with potential customers and people on the waiting list through care packages provided by Amazon. Jungman and Heritage President Nate Underwood co-authored a book, "In a Good Place," a fictional account of an adult daughter's journey to send her mother to senior life. The book A copy of it is among them.
Low-profile technical solutions
One of the issues facing marketing teams working remotely is database access and management. This will affect operators of all sizes.
A platform Bild recommends is Textiful, a text-to-subscribe platform that allows marketing teams to manage their sales database, arrange targeted marketing campaigns, new referrals, and prospects conduct segmentation activities and establish preferred communication methods.
Video is another useful tool for marketing teams.
OneDay CEO Clint Lee said that because Covid-19 affects the daily interaction between marketing teams and potential customers, these platforms are now critical to continuing sales activities and improving the day-to-day operations of the community.
OneDay can be used to create virtual tours of high-end housing communities under restricted access agreements and share residents' views on the care they receive during the pandemic.
"Mom's Place" is collecting "One Day" videos from smaller communities that don't have virtual tours, and then using those videos in a list of those communities to make internal leads more aware. Some providers are making their videos more creative and even attracting customers to visit tours outside the building.
The Juniper Networks community is in the midst of virtual travel. It is offering a 360-degree virtual tour of its community. Longfellow said that a couple is even roaming the senior community using platforms such as Zoom and FaceTime, allowing potential customers to ask questions in real-time.
K4Connect CEO and co-founder Scott Moody told SHN that flexibility in marketing plans and how they are implemented could also serve internal residents. Raleigh, North Carolina-based technology company lives on its K4Community platform for more than 29,000 seniors nationwide.
K4Connect began planning for Covid-19 before the initial disruption and began sending "Covid 911" announcements to the communities it served. The company has opened a hotline for the community to keep residents and families up to date on its coping strategies, and residents can be accessed by phone or Alexa-enabled device. It also provides virtual support for internal and external personnel.
Moody believes that excellent communication with the outside world has been negatively reported. For advanced care, an immediate response is needed to resolve the issue, or the community will pay for it.


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