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Euripides Euripides characterizes

  1. Euripides characterizes Artemis as a genuinely nice god who cares about her devotees, and Hippolytus in specific. Even though she sympathizes with Hippolytus when he is in exile, she fears Zeus and does not go on to help him. She is unlike other greek divinities who are only there to punish and ruin the lives of mortals. 
  2. Hippolytus does not deserve his punishment because he never really committed any crime. Theseus has to be blamed for this because he never listened to his son and only went off the notes his wife left. Hippolytus was a good man but unfortunately had to undergo a miserable death. 
  3. In Iliad, Aphrodite has a minimal role, but she protects Paris and Aeneas a few times during the battle. In Hippolytus, however, she plays a major evil character. She is directly responsible for the deaths of both Phaedra and Hippolytus due to her selfishness. 
  4. In my opinion, the gods have the same role as Seneca's Phaedra. They get angry at mortals and punish whoever they are jealous of. 


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