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10 Best Office Chair Under 100 Dollars The Definitive Guide For The Best Desk Chair Under $100

We know you probably spend hours every day on Amazon dreaming about those large, pricey chairs that would make your workday much more productive, right? 

Well, we care about your needs. While we thought about what was best for you, we created this definitive guide with everything you need to know to find the perfect office chair to suit your every need. 

If you buy any of those, we're sure your back will be relaxed. Read through the entire list and make sure you find just the right chair for your needs.  
Devoko Office Desk Chair – Best ergonomic chair for executive use! 

Devoko specializes in furniture of the most diversified styles. They manufacture a range of products, including outdoor, indoor and our favorite: office furniture! So, Devoko is a brand that knows how to please its costumers. 

This one, especially, is an S curved model, which adjusts to your lumbar and gives it support. IT IS ELEGANT! For your modern office, this simple design with smooth lines adds not only comfort but also a decoration to the office. Classic and sophisticated, this chair is made from delicate and resilient leather. 

For only $69.99, you can get this sleek chair that has a 280 Lbs weight limit, giving a great impression to whoever comes into your office. 

  • It's easy to put together by yourself – easy to assemble; 
  • The height adjuster is great;
  • Comfortable; 
  • Easy to clean; 
  • Sleek;
  • It may be uncomfortable for very tall people; 
  • Lacks in cushiness; 

 [BEST OFFICE Gaming Chair] – Best chair for massaging! 

This chair is one of the most comfortable under 100 you'll ever be able to find. BEST OFFICE was able to come with a piece of furniture that is easy to put together and also has a vibration to reduce fatigue from the long hours sitting! I bet that's something you haven't seen before for such a low price.

This massage chair has a comfortable design, which provides you a pleasant experience. It s perfect for the computer room, to spend hours on egames. But you can also choose the sleek grey color to fit in your office perfectly. Also, the headrest pillow and lumbar one are removable, so you can try out whether it is more comfortable for you or not. 

For only $89.88, you can get this massage ergonomic chair desk that will make you feel you're right at home! The seat is wide, and it supports the entirety of your column. Imagine what those big pillows must feel like after hours of wok... 

  • The massage on the chair is phenomenal and powerful! 
  • The rollers move easily onto the thin plush carpet and off onto hardwood; 
  • The assembly takes about twenty minutes; 
  • The arms flip up and down, so it's easy to put in vehicles; 
  • The pillow isn't stiff like in other brands.

  • The vibration of the chair can be thunderous if you're not pressed against it;
  • You can't lean back the chair.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Desk Office Chair – Best for home office or workspace meetings room
200-500 total words | 3 paragraphs + Pros & Cons

This chair is from the Amazon Brand, comfortable enough to spend a few hours sitting in it. It's a modern, and sophisticated chair, that looks good in any location, providing a professional look to whatever is the space you chose to put it. This product has adjustable seats so you can work all day and still be comfortable. 

If you get this chair for your home office, you'll be backed by AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty! Isn't it great? Now, let's talk about features: when you sit in front of a computer for a long day, you must find a comfortable position. This chair's pneumatic controls allow you to raise or lower your sit – or even pull out on the control handle so you can tilt back. Besides that, the mesh-covered seat and chair back provide enhanced breathability. 

So, for someone like you who stays seated for a long time at home in front of a computer and need a comfortable handling chair, that's the one you need. More so, this is the best chair for meetings under 100, because it's plain and the size is great for a meeting a room! 

  • It is very durable;
  • The seat cushion is very wide and comfortable;
  • Self-assembly is very easy;
  • Height adjustment works very well.

  • The chair may not fit a very tall person;
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the angle of the backrest;

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair Ergonomic – Best for gamers

Do you spend hours in front of the computer playing egames until your back hurts? Well, BestOffice has the solution to your problems. We chose this chair as the best gaming chair under 100 you'll find on Amazon! It will help you relieve all your stress from losing some battles and end your pain from using those horrible chairs from your past. 

This ergonomic design lets you have full mobility, it doesn't matter if you're playing Counter-Strike or if you're doing something noteworthy at work. Here is some quality information: these chairs are BIFMA quality-certified, which means they're a reliable option for those who weight up to 250 pounds. 

Usually, you'll take up to 15minutes to assemble this chair so that it won't take much of your gaming time, we promise you. The 90-day customer guarantee will come with your chair to make sure that, if you're not satisfied, BestOfficr customer service will be ready to respond to you. Well, imagine being all day long sitting in a chair like that one... you won't even want to go to bed, right? But don't spend too much time on games, it's also important to socialize with your family!

  • It's easy to install;
  • The chair holds up exceptionally well;
  • It's comfortable for prolonged use;
  • The arms move up and down.

  • There is no way to lock the wheels;
  • The white parts are in the fabric, not in leather;
Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Chair for Executives

Are you an executive who needs to spend a long time in your office? If so, this the chair you need to get into your life right now. Very generously padded, this chair's backrest and seat cushion will relieve your back and leg pain while improving your posture. 

This design is incredible. Whenever your clients come for a meeting, they'll be impressed. Sleek and modern, this ergonomic chair will add style to your office. The PU Leather lining is oil and water-resistant, which means you'll have a piece of long-lasting furniture. 

Are you ready to try out this BIFMA certified chair and spend a comfortable day at work? You can adjust your height and enjoy all the mobility you can get on the 360ยบ swivel weels all around your office on a tedious day. 

  • The chair supports the shoulders of a very tall person;
  • It is very comfortable;
  • The PU Leather feels good;
  • A lot easy to assemble;
  • An excellent price for such a sleek chair.

  • The padding in the seat is a little bit thin;
  • Sometimes it may squeak.
OFM Microfiber Office Chair – Best chair for your posture

For only $80.99, you can order this incredible chair by OFM, from The Essentials Collection. Its durability is something never seen before in a chair at this low price. This is a fabric chair that is both comfortable and chic, which means you can use it in your office or at home. 

You'll want to know the seat back reclines. YES, THAT'S WHAT I SAID. So this is the best chair for your posture under 100 because it's ergonomic and has an adjustable seat. Besides that, this chair has padded fixed arms that will keep you comfortable while relaxing when thinking in front of the computer. 

This is the best option for you to get your posture straight. Besides that, it's the most durable item on our list. This OFM chair is rated to roll for over 40 miles, and is tough enough to take all-day work. If you're looking for quality and comfort, this should be your choice #1. 

  • Lasts very long! 
  • A decent value chair and the suede texture at a fair price;
  • The fabric breathes, unlike leather;
  • Very comfortable!

  • The chair may be too narrow for a few people;
  • It should tilt a bit more;
BERLMAN High Back Mesh Office Chair – Best chair for tall people

This incredible office chair with lumbar support is perfect for those who can't find their ideal chair due to their height. BERLMAN put together a chair with built-in lumbar support and a headrest to help tall people's posture and still protect your neck and waist. 

For only $99.99 you can order home this office chair that is stable and durable, with a contoured, breathable mesh back, that will make you feel like the time you spend working is passing by very fast. Besides that, the pneumatic seat height adjustment will match different stature, so you can adjust to fit yours perfectly. 

We know you probably tested a lot of different chairs during your entire life and felt it was almost impossible to find the right one. Not anymore. It's time you finally get some quality work time and let your back get some rest from all those chairs that don't fit you right. This is the one for you.
  • Very affordable;
  • It's easy to put together, usually in about 10 minutes;
  • The features are incredible! The headrest is impressive, you can lean back, look up and the height adjustment is incredible;
  • The bottom seat has plenty of cushions, and it's big.

  • There isn't tons of padding on the arms;
  • The lumbar support isn't adjustable at the ends of the curve.

Furmax Office Mid Back Chair – The most economical chair
200-500 total words | 3 paragraphs + Pros & Cons

Furmax found a way to deliver us high quality at a meager price. Their goal was to offer us a beautiful decorating office chair that goes well at home or in the office, for conferences or reception desks. This chair is only $58.99, and we chose it to be on this list because of its modern design allied to the excellent price for those not interested in investing too much in an office chair. 

You might think that because it isn't pricey, this is not a quality chair – this is where you're wrong. This ergonomic chair has lumbar support and makes you feel comfortable during a long working time. Besides that, it passed the BIFMA certification as well, so it can take up to 265 lbs. Did I mention the weels? They don't mark or scratch the floor, so your hardwood is protected. By the way, you'll have plenty of space to sit with the upgraded padded seat that has a more substantial and thicker cushion compared to others. 

If you want to add a modern feature to your home or office, this should be your choice. The sleek design and mesh back add breathability to it, which will allow you to keep a long time seated without sweating your back. 

  • It is very durable; 
  • The price is excellent!
  • It is very comfortable;
  • It has excellent quality;

· Unfortunately, it does not recline;

Giantex Mid-Back Armchair – Best Home Office chair

Do you currently work at the home office? Is your constant complaint your back pains? Well, I guess I have an excellent solution for a fair price. Giantex Mid-back armchair is perfect for people who work from home because of its modern design, which goes well with other furniture. 

This armchair comes with a massaging waist cushion to make you feel more comfortable. By connecting to the USB, you can enjoy the massaging experience and relieve muscle fatigue, whether you're working, gaming, or just sitting. Besides that, The seat adjusts within the range of 18.5 to 22", so it can satisfy people from varying heights. Also, the chair rocks back and forth, once you change the tension knob and control the rocking tension—this chair is ergonomically designed, alleviating discomfort from sitting in front of the computer for a long time. 

For only $94.99 you can work from home with the most comfort a person can have under 100. It's no secret why this is the best home office chair under 100 on our list! I know you need to take away all the stress from your work. Oh, and if you need to bring something to other places at home, the smooth-rolling casters will do. 

  • Very comfortable;
  • It adjusts well to people in every height;
  • Its ergonomic design;
  • The faux leather durability.

· It doesn't come in every color;
Furmax Office Chair – Best Back Ergonomic Chair
Whether you work from home or you go to your office, this magnificent piece will treat your column like it deserves! Furmax has a great set of chairs, and this one isn't behind. For a great deal of $79.99, no secret why this chair is a best seller on Amazon: its ergonomic features.

With a high back, it attends people in different heights, which is one of the things reviewers complain the most. This chair is specifically set for people who spend hours seated in front of the computer, no matter if working or gaming. It has a leather and bucket seat with padded armrests, plus a breathable leather and mesh design. With the ergonomic design, the chair can be rocked back and forth, which is perfect for you to relax in the intervals of your working hours. 

This is the most crucial choice for gamers as well because they can relieve the stress with the smooth padding and rocking in this chair. Besides that, the designs fit you perfectly. What are you waiting for? 
Best Office Chair Under 100 Dollars – The Only Buying Guide You'll Ever Need
500-1500 total words

When you buy a chair under $100, you should be very careful not to purchase something that is built with poor quality material and that it won't last. I know it makes it even harder for you to choose the right chair for you, right? 

Luckily, I'm here to help you with the features you need to consider when buying a new chair, so you won't hesitate when in a shop or let some vendors try and convince you. 

Now, we did a lot of research and came out with the best features for you to pick the best chair: 

  • Durability: sometimes, a chair can take a few months to many years of durability. That's why this is a vital feature for you to research because it won't matter buying something cheaper that will last almost nothing. You have to know how long the chair you're looking forward to buying is going to continue in comparison to a more expensive one. Usually, if you use it every single day for about eight hours, through our research, we found it should last for about four years.
  • Comfortable: you have to know if the chair is suitable or not. If the padding is good or not, check if the armrests are padded (if that's what you want) and read reviews about how the filling looks after a few months, that's important. Some chairs' paddings change a lot after a few months of use, so it's not worth buying. Check if it tilts or rocks because sometimes during your working hours, you'll want to take a break, and a rocking chair will do. 
  • Check if it fits: in my research, I found that a lot of people complained that some chairs didn't meet their height or they didn't fit in the seating cushion. Pay a lot of attention in the size information. If you're very tall, choose a chair special for you. If you're very tiny, choose a smaller chair. 
  • Breathable: Choose a breathable mesh design so that you won't be all covered in sweat during the entire day. 
  • Ergonomic: this is very important. An ergonomic chair will be high for your column, especially if you spend hours seated. 
Best Office Chair Under 100 Dollars - Frequently Asked Questions
Most people's doubts can be your doubts as well, did you know? Now I'll answer some of the most asked questions that may enlighten a few of you. 

Q: What's the best office chair for back pain?
A: If you suffer from back pain, you should buy an ergonomic chair with lumbar support because it suits your back correctly.

Q: How do I choose an office chair? 
A: First, you have to verify your needs. Do you need a home office or work office chair? Then, look at yourself in the mirror, check your height and weight. This is very important. Then, you should think about how many hours you're going to be seated, so you'll choose a comfortable chair for you. And follow the instructions in the topic above. 

Q: Do you need armrests on the office chair?
A: It depends only on your needs. Some people prefer arm chests on them, and some people don't. But it's suitable for support. 

Q: Why does my office chair keep sinking?
A: There are two options: 1) Your weight is over what the chair can take; 2) Your chair is constructed with inferior material. 
Picking the Best Office Chair Under 100 Dollars – The Conclusion
Now I've seen reviews from all those chairs, I feel like buying myself all of them, don't you? Well, you will need one of this sometime in your life. Otherwise, your column won't take too long. But we need to be very careful about our individual needs because maybe a five-star review from someone considers something that may nome apply to you. 

These chairs are a perfect fit everywhere, right? I can imagine them in the living room, home office, a doctor's office, a lawyer's office.

Now that you read everything until here, have you chosen your best office chair under 100? Well, we could' t choose, they're all so different in so many aspects... but have you ever tried any of there? Well, if you have, let us know! We want to know your opinion on the review as well! 

By the way, do not hesitate to share this on social media if you like it, we would be delighted.


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