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The Philippines is one of the "Third World" countries

The Philippines is one of the "Third World" countries. It means that it has a high poverty rate, economic instability, and lack of essential human resources in comparison to the rest of the nations around the world. Research has exhibited that one of five people in the Philippines lives in extreme poverty and that it ranks 9th in the world for the number of children with stunted growth (Alindogan, 2019). Besides, the Asian Development Bank (2019) has conveyed that 21.6% of the Philippine population lived below the national poverty line in 2015, and 2.5% of the people are unemployed in 2018. Poverty mainly affects the health and security of the citizens. As a result, scholars have identified the root cause of poverty – the lack of education and inequality.

The lack of education is one of the most fundamental causes of poverty in the Philippines. Millions of children and adults remain deprived of educational opportunities that would later affect the social, cultural and economic components. The Philippine Statistics Authority reported that six out of ten families in 2016 and five out of ten families in 2017 have at least one member who did not complete a primary education (Valencia, 2018). The negligence to provide proper and necessary training to the citizens could lead to a high unemployment rate that would further result in the drastic decline of the country's economy, thus the emergence of poverty. It also has an adverse effect on the social aspect of the community. Uneducated citizens would not know about the correct laws and regulations of the country, which is essential to promote discipline. Therefore, when there is proper education, there is a high rate of literacy and a decrease in criminality and injustice.

Another cause of poverty in the Philippines is the inequitable distribution of resources and opportunities among its citizens. Research from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2017) have shown that the growing gap of the wealthiest and most deprived in the United Kingdom is directly linked to the higher rates of poverty. In the United States, they have found that income inequality was the most significant poverty-increasing factor. If the income will be equally distributed on average, the poverty rate would likely decrease. In comparison to the Philippines, if the government would focus on giving equal opportunities to the citizens particularly in job employment and educational facilities, there would be a positive impact on the economic growth of the country. However, this is far from a realistic scenario for the Philippines since inequality continues to strive. Therefore, international organizations such as the United Nations have enlisted the reduction of inequality within and among countries. It achieves to ensure equal opportunity and reduces inequalities of outcome for every citizen (n.d.).

 Poverty affects all the citizens of the country, from the social facet to the economy's growth. Poor health is one of the significant consequences. Globally, almost 14 million people a year suffer from poverty-related health conditions (Kellogg, 2018). People contract diseases because of contaminated water and lack of sanitation. Due to insufficient funds, the government cannot provide medical facilities and healthcare for the citizens. Another effect of poverty is the increase in crime rates. Studies have exhibited that poverty and crime have a positive relationship (Imran, Hosen, & Chowdhury, 2018). For instance, a person with a financial crisis will go with the most comfortable option to get money, even harming people. Therefore, poverty also affects the security and well-being of the citizens.

 Poverty remains a challenge in the Philippines, and it has affected the citizens in different aspects. It will continue to deteriorate the country's economy if the government does not give attention to the contributing causes of the problem. The identification of the factors is essential since it will enable people to develop strategies to lessen the consequences. One primary solution is giving an accessible education. With this solution, it will provide empowerment to the citizens and enables them to earn employment and possibly bend the curve of poverty.

Sales & Marketing Course

This marketing plan is providing an outline of the initial introduction of a learning management system (LMS), which will improve the students and teachers experience and accordingly can be sold to schools. This plan is created for Evorestte, the owner of the LMS.
As a $1 billion USD e-learning industry that continues to expand, the trend is for preferable user experiences that help schools earn higher market shares in the digital education and e-schooling. By paying attention to student-centered design and information architecture, LMS creates a learning environment that is considered an exemplar to what today’s student is looking for in an educational portal, with a modern look and feel, communication, and collaboration.
This high-tech integrated learning management system that eases the navigation to destination and increases user satisfaction by making content easier to find and navigate. This is achieved by a specific design for the end-users, prioritizing their needs. Features include appealing design, bright colors, and other interactive elements, such as integrated video and dynamic menus. High levels of user engagement and their satisfaction could also help schools attract new students and future staff, as well as becoming one of the leading institutions in the digital education world.
By increasing user satisfaction, Evorestte will continue to be leading the digital education industry. By examining the company’s previous successful performance, combined with the new user experience on LMS, a growth rate of 2.5% per year is feasible – increasing the company’s market share by up to 10% within the next five years.

Stating the area of investment and why I chose it

I choose to invest in building a Learning Management System; Education is a vast market that serves hundreds of millions of students around the world and millions in the middle east, with the need to approach many people in remote areas. So digital learning is the future of the world, accordingly providing a digital platform for eLearning is a good selection for investment.

The segmentation bases that I will focus on in order to gain the maximum value from the market

The e-learning market continues to expand. The global training and education markets are a $2 trillion USD industry, with a market of $1 billion USD in the Middle East, the greatest demand for e-learning in the Middle East comes from the schools sector in addition to the banking sector, which is still running traditional classroom instruction.

I will base my market segmentation on:
1-    By Geographic segmentation, which includes the Market Size & Region, there are hundreds of educational institutions around the middle east that need such a service. We will target the Middle East & Africa (GCC and Rest of the Middle East & North Africa).
2-    By Consumer Predispositions segmentation, which includes the Consumer Problems, these institutions are seeking an integrated solution to serve as an alternative to classroom instructions.
3-    By Behavioral segmentation which includes Occasion and Benefits, due to the COVID-19 the whole world is seeking a solution to digitize their educational process, and this is an amazing opportunity to start such a business; also we provide institutions with a solution that provide them with full control on the learning process.
4-    By Component
•    This market sector is seeking an integrated learning management solution.
•    Services include Consulting Services, Implementation Services, and Support Services in the digital learning market.

5-    By Deployment
•    The cloud solutions market is an important future market.
6-    By Organization Size
•    Small & Medium size Enterprises market includes of Schools.
•    Large Enterprises market includes School Corporations, which are aggregates of schools.
7-    By End-User
•    K-12 Schools.

K-12 are our target market. With the large population of students are natively using technology, the brick-and-mortar system that cannot expand quickly enough to accommodate them is getting obsolete. E-learning is becoming a necessity for institutions as much as it is becoming an expectation among students. This also well offers educational opportunities to students outside of their traditional geographical boundaries.

Define my target segment and the characteristics and size of the target market
I am targeting K-12 international schools in Egypt, North Africa, and the GCC, the size of this market is around 1500 schools.

Consumers are clearly identifiable as International Schools. My target market is quantifiable in terms of income and the potential to buy. The total potential exceeds $1 Billion USD.

It is accessible in terms of geography and economy due to the online nature of the application and the high accessibility of the future recruited team in multiple countries. The countries where we will base our work is economically high and have the power to purchase.

It is worth pursuing. The market is based on a subscription model that produces annual income; the consumer is educational institutions that have part of its budget directed to digital learning.

Market Responsiveness
Our consumers are responsive to the Learning management products meant for them.

The details of the Micro-environmental & Macro-environmental factors
The Macro-environmental factors include societal, economic, and technological factors, and this is clear in a better-educated population who send their children to international schools, a more white-collar workforce with higher income, more technology-oriented population that will create a demand in the schools to implement technology in education.
The Economic Environmental factors also include the inflation that affects the purchasing power and push our customers to demand more value for the same price.
Key Technological Trends is a main factor where there is a rapid change in technology, which leads to a stressful challenge to catch up with the market demands. New technologies as well create new opportunities and markets for new ideas and new companies to exist in the market.
The Cultural Environmental factors is very impacting, due to the perception of institutions for the implementation of technology, and this affects their behavior in buying our product.

Our Micro-environmental Factors include:
The company structure: our company is a small one with few employees, we lack a marketing a sales team which is considered a challenge. But we provide a very good aftersales customer support.
The customers: our customers are educational institutions that are very demanding when it comes to the features of the software and very hard to pay for the service, they need very high negotiation skills and a very talented salesperson.
The competitors: the market has two types of competitors, IT companies and Education companies similar to ours. IT companies destroy the reputation of the LMS in the middle east due to the lack of aftersales support, while education companies, on the other hand, lack technical knowledge.

My details a SWOT analysis
•    Provides all the features students and faculty expect to find
•    Improves website organization through streamlined information architecture
•    Easily navigable interface translates to fewer clicks and helps users find information
•    Aesthetically-pleasing, modern, customizable visual design specifically tailored to end-users
•    Maintains a high accessibility standard
•    Shows an increase in satisfaction among end-users
•    Modern Design
•    Features include more text and colors, but less visual icons, and other interactive elements, such as video and dynamic menus
•    The cost of redesigning the interface could exceed the budget
•    Implementing a new system may take some time
•    The information must be transferred from the old system during the transition period
•    Improve learning outcomes with a new system that is engaging for learners and educators
•    Create a mobile application for LMS, which mirrors the web platform in terms of design and organization
•    Expand to the corporate sector, introducing the system to human resource departments for learning and training purposes
•    Break the traditional perception of eLearning design and management and redefine what it means to learn digitally
•    Possible alternatives from different companies that focus on human-centered design
•    Possible competition that possess more sales force and marketing opportunities
•    The readiness of schools to implement a successful learning management system

The best positioning for our product and the value proposition strategy to enter the market, the how and why

Positioning our LMS

For eLearning companies who are looking to enter the Middle East markets, our company offers a unique team of experienced managers with long proven expertise, on a permanent basis. Unlike most eLearning companies, our company is specialized in a very focused expertise that is hard to duplicate, which is Education & Technology.

International Companies form Europe and the States
Local companies that provide the same service

Points of Difference
What makes us different and our provided value
•    Integrated Solution
•    Integrated web-conference
•    Integrated Curriculum Management
•    All platforms compatible

What would make a customer want to buy from another competitor?
•    Bigger size of the support force
•    More technical sales team
•    Separate mobile application

Points of Parity
What we do equally to our competitors
•    Similar Base platform

Our Brand Positioning Statement
For schools who are willing to incorporate digital learning platforms in their regular practice, our company is the best education technology company of choice because of the existing expertise and unique integrated product, convenient and attractive prices.

Value Proposition
Connecting the artistic design and the science of information architecture is the core value of our LMS. By creating a strongly engaging online environment for all users, our LMS exemplifies what today’s student is looking for in a learning portal with a modern look and feel; this is based on strong data in the form of student user feedback. A system designed for student use will help with the product’s perceived value and help promote the experience at the institution.
Value Proposition Strategy
1. Analyze and identify the market segments of international schools, and target those the solution has the potential to deliver value and profit for.
2. Analyze and define the value experience that the schools will get from the current activities of my company.
3. Define good and bad experiences and the effectiveness of the proposition depending on the collection of customer and employee feedback.
4. Define the value mix capable of boosting the value experience with our defined target market.
5. Assess the benefits of our offers in the context of the value experience we are able to deliver to the target market.
6. Analyze alternatives and differentiation, what alternative options does the market have to our product?
Marketing Strategy
Our marketing strategy for the first year requires that the company:
•    Initiate as many personal contacts as possible
•    Demonstrate excellence with every personal contact
•    Identify six to eight key clients, and “win them over” through demonstration of expertise with limited initial client investment
•    Provide excellent LMS implementation services with enthusiasm and a personal touch
•    Establish the company brand name.

1.    The main competitive advantage that will be considered the most appealing to our target customers.
Our LMS provides multiple competitive advantages which include
1-    An online Conference System and classroom with multiple controls.
2-    Online examination system.
3-    Full learning management experience.

2.    The level we would position our product (attributes, benefits, values, and beliefs).
•    Easy to use system
•    Attractive design
•    Ready anywhere

•    Full learning management platform for student-teacher interaction, which includes a web-conference & Virtual Classroom with an integrated Curriculum Management platform.
•    Web-based application compatible with all platforms.
•    Very competitive price
•    Strong aftersales support

Values & Beliefs
•    Transparency
•    Integrity
•    Partnership
•    Best Service

3.    Pricing & Distribution:
1.    The pricing strategy
•    Our product depends on an annual subscription per student.
•    The starting price will follow the market average and will provide the service for $5 per student per year.

2.    The distribution methods and the recommended channels
•    The application will be distributed as a Software As A Service (SAAS) with a subscription module through the website.
•    The recommended channels for the distribution is the website and will be promoted through Social media and email campaigns as well as direct marketing.
•    The LMS will follow a Business to Customer (B2C) model, so it will serve the schools directly without intermediaries.

3.    Financial Projections
•    Goals are to increase the number of users and ensure user retention and satisfaction for customer lifetime value
•    Increasing student satisfaction, as the largest user base, will help increase the overall user base
•    Enterprise platform = $80,000 / year (annual online subscription)
•    LMS is an online solution built for K-12 schools. Team comprises overhead costs
•    An increase in user satisfaction leads to better reviews, which leads to new clients.

•    Increase market share by 10% in the next five years
•    Based on a 2.5% market share increase/year plus room for changes/ contingency year

Implementation Timetable
•    2020 – Complete release and receive feedback on the released version, adjusting as needed to increase user satisfaction
•    2021 - Acquire at least three new clients based on new LMS design and functionality
•    2022 - Continue iteration process based on user feedback
•    2023 - Have added nine schools as clients in the middle east

My promotional mix that will help communicate our value to the targeted customer and help in building a long-term relationship with the customer
Our LMS is a modernized online platform for students and teachers. It makes finding and posting course materials more efficient, with clear and easily navigable course content, schedules, assignments, and grades. It is more engaging, and it shows users only information that is relevant to them, reducing cognitive overload through an intuitive and organized design.
Our LMS is intended for schools’ students and faculty. It is available via the Internet on any electronic device. The global accessibility of LMS is essential to ensure users are able to connect to the platform worldwide, as the schools offer online courses, student exchanges, and international co-op placements. LMS is the primary location for all distribution of educational course materials and online training. It is compatible with both PC and MAC computers and on mobile devices through a web browser.
Pricing for our LMS platform covers important costs related to UX/UI design, development, support, and cash flow for future growth. The product will be on an annual subscription fee, along with a special fee for white label rebranding. The fee will allow any school to gain full access to all features on LMS.
As a brand, LMS represents a balance between a friendly and a professional brand. It promises to be an LMS that helps students spend less time finding information and more time learning. It offers support through integrated video, right within the interface, and contains its own social media platform to help students and faculty connect virtually. We are targeting international schools, with students and faculty located all over the world; this promotes the importance of virtual proximity.  High levels of students and teachers engagement and satisfaction could help attract prospective schools, as well as get the attention of other institutions and organizations. Using organic and paid Social Engine Optimization could increase the awareness of the product, using Slogans like “Learn everywhere, Engage your students!” will help to sell the product.
Promotional price will be used as a starter package for the first year.

Building my brand equity

By following the below steps, our brand equity connection can then become very valuable.
Brand awareness.
Start with creating the brand identity, which includes logo and colors and Slogan. Then I will build basic awareness of my brand through content videos and social media presence. Then I will make sure customers recognize your brand and see it in the way you intend by using Polls.
Communicate the meaning of my brand and what it stands for.
We are exposing the meaning of our brand by introducing the features as collected from the international schools as well as showing that we recruit the best support staff and using the best servers.
Now exposing what it stands for by referring to serving a high social standard and tackling psychological aspects like online security, control, and privacy.
Reshape the Think and Feel about our Brand.
Introduce quality media to enhance the feeling of providing quality service, and this will increase credibility, also providing online videos with user experiences and exposed features will show how relevant our LMS is to customer needs, and whether our LMS is superior to those of our competitors.
We plan to provide information that will increase the positive feelings, which include excitement, security, and professionalism.
Build a deeper bond with our customers.
I will build deeper customer relationships by providing the best after-sales customer support. This will stimulate the schools to make repeated purchases, and they will feel an attachment to our brand. They can be actively engaged as brand representatives by taking part in online Advertisements, attending events, or following our brand on social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Action Plan
1. Goals
Our goal as mentioned before is
•    To initiate a sales volume of 10% for new customer base on four phases.
•    To enhance name recognition and increase brand exposure.

2. Strategy
Our marketing strategies will include:
•    Personal sales calls
•    Letterhead package and company brochure
•    Direct emails and Newsletters
•    Digital Media advertising (Social Media and SEO)
•    Public relations (speechmaking, feature articles, community relations/community activities)
•    Networking
•    Discounts for large volume customers


BORUTO Episode 53: Toneri Otsutsuki Back Again? Toneri Otsutsuki Muncul Lagi?!

Boruto episode 53 should have started the chunin exam flow. But the appearance of Toneri Otsutsuki in the preview seems to indicate this character will play a role! Will Momoshiki attack him?

Good news for all Navers: starting with episode 53 of Boruto, we will enter the chunin test track. Means that Borobo's calm period has finished. After this, judging from the movie and manga versions, the enemies he would face were quite heavy, incomparable to Shizuma and his old friends.
Before continuing, you all must like the Naruto anime and manga series. Then try playing the Shinobi Legend game, which has a Naruto theme!

The title and preview of Boruto's episode 53 shows that the series will enter Himawari's birthday. That was the opening scene of the movie. But there are some things from the video that caught the attention of the writer.

Wow, this is unexpected.
Toneri has appeared several times in the Boruto anime, but he has no role in the movie version and the chunin manga test.
The last time Toneri was seen, reality cracks appeared on the moon. It seems that he attacked.
The attack is not surprising. Toneri is probably the son-Jinchuriki who owns the most massive chakra in the Naruto world today. He is also the only Otsutsuki known to be left in Naruto's realm because Kaguya sealed. He will undoubtedly be the first target, even before Killer B and Naruto.
If Toneri targeted, who would attack him? The writer feels Urashiki Otsutsuki will attack him. This new character is not seen at the end of episode 52 when Kinshiki and Momoshiki prepare to welcome Sasuke.

Katasuke Tono like a suspicious expression in the preview episode of Boruto 53.
The manga version already revealed that Katasuke was actually under the influence of genjutsu. The genjutsu effect that would later make him annoying during the chunin test flow.
Continued exciting things from the preview of Boruto episode 53, you can read on the second page!
Boruto's exasperated expression in the 53rd episode of Boruto preview, it feels predictable. Naruto would not come to Himawari's birthday party, breaking the promise he had made with Boruto.
Boruto himself should have met Sasuke for the first time in this episode after, in the previous event, Sasuke had indeed been in a cave with Team 7, but he had used the space and time to leave before meeting them.

Boruto episode 52 shows Sasuke reaching the place where Kinshiki and Momoshiki are.
The snowy place is undoubtedly familiar to you who have watched the movie. It was there that Sasuke fought with Kinshiki.
The new Kinshiki and Sasuke duels shown in episode 53.

The Boruto preview episode 53 also shows Denki Kaminarimon. The guy who was not in the movie and the manga succeeded in making Udon proud because of the collaboration he showed with Iwabe and Metal Lee to save the documentary director.
The anime version of the chunin exam seems to be more crowded because it is likely that Denki, Iwabe, Namida, Sumire, and Wasabi will at least participate. But it was unlikely that they would all advance long before Momoshiki messed up the test anyway.
Those are exciting things from the preview of Boruto episode 53. I think next week's episode can't be missed, huh? What do you think? Convey in the comments column!

Seharusnya Boruto episode 53 akan mengawali alur ujian chunin. Namun kemunculan Toneri Otsutsuki di preview tampaknya menandakan tokoh ini akan berperan! Akankah dia diserang oleh Momoshiki?

Kabar baik untuk Navers sekalian: mulai dari Boruto episode 53, kita akan memasuki alur ujian chunin. Berarti selesai sudah masa-masa tenang Boruto. Setelah ini, kalau dilihat dari versi movie dan manga, musuh-musuh yang akan dihadapinya tergolong berat, tak bisa dibandingkan dengan Shizuma dan kawan-kawan dulu.
Sebelum melanjutkan, kamu semua pasti menyukai serial anime dan manga Naruto kan? Kalau begitu coba mainkan game Shinobi Legend, yang memiliki tema Naruto!

Judul dan Preview Boruto episode 53 menunjukkan kalau serial ini akan memasuki hari ulang tahun Himawari. Itu adalah adegan pembuka movie. Namun ada beberapa hal dari videonya yang menarik perhatian penulis.

Wah, ini tidak terduga.
Toneri memang sudah beberapa kali muncul di anime Boruto, namun dia tidak punya peran di versi movie dan manga ujian chunin.
Terakhir kali Toneri terlihat, muncul retakan realita di bulan. Tampaknya dia diserang.
Ini jelas tidak mengherankan. Toneri mungkin adalah non-Jinchuriki pemilik chakra terbesar di dunia Naruto saat ini. Ia juga adalah satu-satunya Otsutsuki yang diketahui tersisa di alam Naruto, karena Kaguya sudah disegel. Ia sudah tentu akan jadi sasaran pertama, bahkan sebelum Killer B dan Naruto.
Kalau memang Toneri diincar, siapa yang akan menyerangnya? Penulis sih merasa dia akan diserang Urashiki Otsutsuki. Tokoh baru ini tidak terlihat di akhir episode 52, saat Kinshiki dan Momoshiki bersiap menyambut Sasuke.

Katasuke Tono sempat diperlihatkan dengan ekspresi mencurigakan di preview Boruto episode 53.
Versi manga sih sudah mengungkap duluan kalau Katasuke sebenarnya sedang berada dalam pengaruh genjutsu. Efek genjutsu itu yang nantinya akan membuat dia benar-benar menjadi menyebalkan selama alur ujian chunin.

Lanjutan hal menarik dari preview Boruto episode 53 bisa kamu baca di halaman kedua!

Ekspresi kesal Boruto di preview Boruto episode 53 ini sih rasanya bisa ditebak penyebabnya. Naruto tidak akan datang ke pesta ultah Himawari, melanggar janji yang sudah dibuatnya dengan Boruto.
Boruto sendiri seharusnya akan menemui Sasuke pertama kali di episode ini, setelah di episode sebelumnya Sasuke memang sempat berada satu gua bersama Tim 7, namun dia sudah menggunakan jutsu ruang dan waktu untuk pergi sebelum berjumpa mereka.

Boruto episode 52 memperlihatkan Sasuke mencapai tempat di mana Kinshiki dan Momoshiki berada.
Tempat bersalju itu tentunya sudah familier untuk kamu-kamu yang telah menonton movie-nya. Di sanalah Sasuke bertarung seru dengan Kinshiki.
Ada kemungkinan kalau duel Kinshiki dan Sasuke baru akan diperlihatkan di episode 53.

Preview Boruto episode 53 juga menunjukkan Denki Kaminarimon. Cowok yang tidak ada di movie dan manga ini berhasil membuat Udon bangga berkat kerja sama yang ditunjukkannya bersama Iwabe dan Metal Lee untuk menyelamatkan sutradara film dokumenter.
Ujian chunin versi anime tampaknya memang akan lebih ramai karena kemungkinan besar Denki, Iwabe, Namida, Sumire, dan Wasabi minimal akan berpartisipasi. Tapi kecil kemungkinan mereka semua akan maju jauh sebelum Momoshiki mengacaukan ujian itu sih.
Itulah hal-hal menarik dari preview Boruto episode 53. Rasanya episode pekan depan tidak bisa dilewatkan ya? Gimana meurutmu? Sampaikan di kolom komentar!

BORUTO Episode 52: Amaterasu? What's going on?

Hmmm, it seems that Boruto episode 52 will be fascinating. There are signs that Sasuke is with Team 7!

Previously, for all Navers, try playing Shinobi Legend. This game has the theme of Naruto!
Afraid of weight? Don't worry, the size of this game is light, so it doesn't overload your cellphone. You can also create teams that contain your favorite Naruto characters and combine them to form a strong dream team.

There is also an Arena feature where you can fight other people's Ninja teams, and you can make yourself and your group the best! Come download and play, and it's free!
After a series of fillers, including episode 50, which was outrageous, Boruto episode 51 returned to show an exciting plot.

No half-hearted, white Zetsu clone appeared in episode 51, a threat to Konohamaru and Team 7. Preview Boruto episode 52 also shows Konohamaru still has to face the creature on that one.
But that's not all that attracts attention:

In the preview of Boruto episode 52, Boruto said he saw black flames on one side. Konohamaru noted that it was Amaterasu's fire, which only Sasuke Uchiha could control.

The title of Boruto's episode 52 itself is "Shadows of Sasuke," so it's no surprise that Sasuke's self appeared. Mainly because it seems that the cave explored by Team 7 is one of the ruins associated with Kaguya Otsutsuki, as evidenced by the existence of the White Zetsu clone.

Previously also I had calculated that it was likely around episode 52 that Sasuke would fight with Kinshiki, as at the beginning of Boruto: Naruto the Movie. We'll see if it's true while Boruto ends exploration of the cave, Sasuke meets with Kinshiki, Momoshiki, and Kurashiki.

The Boruto preview episode 52 also shows that Team 7 found a broken black flower.
The remainder of Gedo Mazo is an empty container for Jubi.
Hmmm, this is an interesting relic. Why do you think there are leftover Gedo Mazo in that cave?

Another one that caught the attention of the writer from the preview of Boruto episode 52 was the interaction of Konohamaru and Mitsuki.
From the visual above, it seems that Konohamaru and Mitsuki have just passed through a serious discussion. But what? Did it turn out that Mitsuki developed Orochimaru based on his findings about the Otsutsuki clan gene, and Mitsuki realized that in episode 52?
The Boruto Preview episode 52 makes me curious about the sequel. What do you think? Is it true that Sasuke is in a cave too? Convey in the comments column!

Hmmm, tampaknya Boruto episode 52 akan sangat menarik. Ada tanda-tanda keberadaan Sasuke bersama Tim 7!

Sebelumnya, untuk Navers sekalian, coba mainkan Shinobi Legend. Game yang satu ini mengangkat tema Naruto!
Takut berat? Jangan khawatir, size game ini ringan sehingga tidak membebani hape kamu. Kamu juga bisa membuat tim yang berisi karakter Naruto kesukaanmu dan menggabungkan mereka untuk membentuk sebuah dream team kuat.

Ada juga fitur Arena dimana kamu bisa melawan tim Ninja orang lain, dan kamu bisa menjadikan dirimu dan kelompokmu menjadi yang terhebat! Ayo download dan mainkan, gratis!
Setelah rentetan filler, termasuk episode 50 yang keterlaluan, Boruto episode 51 kembali menampilkan alur yang seru.
Tidak tanggung-tanggung, clone Zetsu Putih menampakkan diri di episode 51, menjadi ancaman bagi Konohamaru dan Tim 7. Preview Boruto episode 52 pun memperlihatkan Konohamaru masih harus menghadapi makhluk yang satu itu.

Tapi bukan hanya itu yang menarik perhatian:
Di preview Boruto episode 52, Boruto mengatakan dirinya melihat api hitam satu sisi. Konohamaru mengatakan kalau itu adalah api Amaterasu, yang hanya dapat dikendalikan oleh Sasuke Uchiha.
Judul Boruto episode 52 sendiri adalah “Bayang-bayang Sasuke,” jadi tidak mengherankan kalau Sasuke-nya sendiri muncul. Terutama karena tampaknya gua yang dijelajahi oleh Tim 7 merupakan salah satu reruntuhan yang terkait dengan Kaguya Otsutsuki, terbukti dari keberadaan clone Zetsu Putih.

Sebelumnya juga saya sudah memperhitungkan kalau kemungkinan sekitar episode 52 Sasuke akan bertarung dengan Kinshiki, seperti di awal Boruto: Naruto the Movie. Kita lihat saja apa benar sementara Boruto mengakhiri penjelajahan gua, Sasuke justru bertemu dengan Kinshiki, Momoshiki, dan Urashiki.

Preview Boruto episode 52 juga menunjukkan kalau Tim 7 menemukan bunga hitam yang rusak.
Ini jelas adalah sisa dari Gedo Mazo, wadah kosong untuk Jubi.
Hmmm, ini adalah peninggalan yang menarik. Kira-kira kenapa ada sisa Gedo Mazo di gua itu ya?
Satu lagi yang menarik perhatian penulis dari preview Boruto episode 52 ini adalah interaksi Konohamaru dan Mitsuki.

Dari visual di atas, tampaknya Konohamaru dan Mitsuki baru saja melewati diskusi serius. Tapi apa? Apakah ternyata Mitsuki dikembangkan Orochimaru berdasarkan temuannya soal gen klan Otsutsuki, dan Mitsuki menyadari itu di episode 52?

Preview Boruto episode 52 ini jelas bikin penasaran kelanjutannya. Gimana menurut kamu? Apakah benar Sasuke juga ada di gua? Sampaikan di kolom komentar!

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